Ukrainian Drones Strike Deep Inside Russia, Hitting Military Airfield, Other Targets

Ukraine launched its largest drone attack on military targets across Russia since the war began, disabling several military aircraft in a strike on the Pskov air base, as Moscow unleashed the most sustained missile barrage on the Ukrainian capital in months.

While Ukraine lacks the long-range cruise and ballistic missiles that Russia frequently fires into Ukrainian cities, destroying power stations, hotels, ports and residential buildings, Kyiv has developed an increasingly efficient force of domestically engineered strike drones that can travel several hundred miles into Russia.

Several dozen such drones were launched overnight, heading to the Moscow, Kaluga, Orel, Ryazan, Bryansk, Tula and Pskov regions, in addition to Russian-occupied Crimea, according to Russian officials. Additional drone strikes followed a similar pattern Wednesday. While most of these drones were shot down, the attack on Pskov, more than 400 miles from Ukraine, proved to be among the most significant Ukrainian strikes on Russian soil since Moscow started the war 18 months ago.

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