Gina Raimondo Says China Visit Aimed at Protecting U.S. Economic Interests

Commerce secretary is the third cabinet member to visit Beijing in recent months

BEIJING—Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said she would use a four-day visit to China this week to ensure an easing in tense relations while standing firm in confrontations over technology restrictions and Chinese trade practices.

Raimondo, who arrived in Beijing on Sunday, said that she will seek to “protect what we must and promote where we can” as she discusses economic and commercial relations with her Chinese counterparts.

On the list to discuss are U.S. export controls opposed by China that restrict transfers of advanced semiconductors, and Chinese regulations and other methods that U.S. officials say Beijing has used unfairly against American companies in recent months.

Raimondo will carry messages that are similar to those of other administration officials who have recently visited Beijing, where Chinese leaders have characterized the technology restrictions as part of an effort to suppress China’s rise.

Raimondo said she would explain that the technology controls are intended to be narrowly targeted against a small range of items to protect American national security. She said that the U.S., far from seeking to disengage from the Chinese economy, wants to maintain a robust economic relationship.

“Look, this is just the reality: The U.S. and China share a large, dynamic, growing economic relationship, one of the largest trade relationships in the world, and both of our countries, in fact, the entire world, need us to manage that relationship responsibly,” Raimondo told reporters Friday before her trip.

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