Xi, Putin signal unity against U.S. in joint statement

China urges peace talks in Ukraine, Moscow backs Beijing on Taiwan

TOKYO — Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a joint statement calling for deeper bilateral ties following their Tuesday summit, where they discussed issues including Ukraine and Taiwan.

At a joint news conference after the summit, Xi said China would continue to push for “peace and dialogue.” He urged Moscow and Kyiv to resume peace talks, echoing their joint statement on deepening their countries’ comprehensive and strategic cooperation.

Putin said China’s 12-point peace plan for Ukraine unveiled last month could serve as a “basis” for a peaceful resolution once Ukraine and the West were willing to engage. But he added that they did not appear ready at this time.

The two leaders also issued a joint statement regarding bilateral economic cooperation through 2030, outlining plans to deepen ties in eight fields from trade to logistics.

In terms of energy, Putin told reporters that the countries had essentially fully agreed on building a second gas pipeline from Russia to China. The goal is to transport at least 98 billion cu. meters of natural gas to China by 2030, Putin said.

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