Huawei licenses key tech to major European automakers

TAIPEI — Huawei has licensed technology to top automakers including Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and Porsche as the Chinese tech company seeks to turn its trove of patents into a new revenue source amid a U.S. clampdown on its core businesses.

The patent licensing agreements, reached during the second half of 2022, mean Huawei technologies will be used in 15 million of the 70 million cars produced globally each year, Alan Fan, global head of Huawei’s Intellectual Property Department, told Nikkei Asia.

In addition to the four German carmakers, Huawei signed licensing deals with Subaru of Japan, Renault of France, Lamborghini of Italy and Bentley of the U.K., according to Fan.

The announcement on Friday follows similar agreements with Samsung Electronics and Chinese smartphone maker Oppo unveiled this month.

The deals with high-profile global companies come as Huawei continues to battle a U.S. clampdown that has significantly curtailed its smartphone business and in-house semiconductor development. Export controls on the company mean it is in effect barred from working with global suppliers in these two areas.

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